Testing the Coosa out 1.5 miles off Florida’s coast

So, after the River Bassin Rodeo on the Chattahoochee River just south of West Point, GA I headed down to Destin, FL to meet up with fellow Jackson Kayak team member Ben Adrien to test out the Coosa prototype in off shore conditions.  The Coosa was not designed with off shore fishing specifically in mind but we did design it where it could be taken off shore if you so desire.  Well, turns out it works great off shore and was even stable enough for me to stand and fight fish in while bobbing up and down in the small swells. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re trolling plugs, but for live bait it worked great since you don’t need to go as fast.

We caught King and Spanish Mackerel and Neil even hooked a 300lb bull shark! Yeah, we followed him for about an hour as he was being pulled out to sea. Finally, as I was standing in the Coosa I could see the beast coming up to the surface and yelled “its a huge shark!” Immediately Ben wisely dropped his Go Pro camera in the water to capture some underwater footage of the beast. Soon after that it finally snapped the line and swam back into the depths. It was very cool just to see it and we took some screen shots from the video shown below.

Here are some shots of my fighting a King Mackerel.

Neil hooks into about a 300lb bull shark from a kayak!

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