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First SUPerFISHal Trip; Impressions, Review, Love Story?

First impressions are always important in life, but if you’ve ever dated someone for any length of time you probably know that first impressions can be misleading.  Only “time” can be the test on whether or not something or someone is real and legit.
Well,  I decided that I needed some quality “time” with the new […]

Introducing the Jackson Kayak Cuda

Drew and Jackson Kayak introduce their latest creation, the Cuda.  Due to the popularity of the Coosa, the two combine once again, with renowned architect Tony Lee, to develop a similar standing/fishing platform that is more focused on larger bodies of water where speed and tracking are more important to the performance of the kayak.  So […]

New Coosa Kayak Photos/Video

Some have wondered about the stability really being as good as those that have paddled the prototype have touted it to be.  These are some photos and a video that should help clear that up.  Still, anyone buying a kayak should always test it first because what is good for one person is not always […]

Drew adds Jackson Kayak as Sponsor

Drew has always taken pride in partnering with top brands to help accomplish the best results while River Bassin.  After careful research and testing Drew has partnered with a newcomer in the kayak fishing scene, Jackson Kayak, which was founded by former whitewater world champion and Olympian Eric Jackson in 2004.  Although Jackson is a […]