Drew’s Signature Kayak, The Coosa, by Jackson Kayak

Coosa, by Drew GregoryThe new Jackson Kayak Coosa, designed by Drew Gregory, was introduced to the market at the Outdoor Retailer Trade on August 2nd through the 6th.  The kayak is still in prototype form and is expected to hit stores in early November.  Below you can see photos of the prototype, read about the features and specs (*still subject to change).

The Coosa will excel in lakes, ponds, inshore/offshore and is the first kayak to ever cater to the river angler with about 5 unique features that the river fisherman have needed for some time now.  Below are just some of the features that anglers will enjoy while fishing out of the Coosa later this year.

River and skinny water features are listed first.

1. Drag chain recess chutes – allows your drag chain to recess onto the kayak and then release back down in the water. Corresponding slot for a retractable dog leash holds it in securely next to the seat.
2. Low angle rod holders – the flush mount holders will keep your rods at a lower angle so you won’t get snagged as easily near cover.
3. Hull design – The boat was made to be maneuverable so that the rapids and shoals can be navigated easier.
4. Removable skid plate on keel – The keel is a common weak spot and now you simply have to replace the skid plate when it wears as opposed to replacing the entire kayak.
5. Paddle stager groove – a U shaped notch from side wall to side wall where your paddle will no longer blow away with a gust of wind.
6. The comfortable high/low seat – Anglers now can sit comfortably in their kayaks in a high or low position, and since the chair can be removed it doubles as a camp chair.
7.  Wide standing platform – Non-slick flat standing platform that is 22-23 inches wide making it easier than ever to stand and fish comfortably.
8. Easy tackle access – No longer do kayak fisherman have to try and turn around to get tackle out of the tank well since storage is right below the seat and easy to access.
9. Lockable rod locker/hatches – lockable hatches to make anglers feel safe when going to eat after the day or when picking up tackle on their way to the river or whatever.
10. Rod stagers – These grooves allow Coosa users to have rods out on deck where they sit into stagers (grooves) and do not slide around tangling on one another.
11.  Locking bar – Secure locking bar to easily lock your boat up or to clip other accessories on.
12.  Large hatch – This hatch will be ideal for extra storage and is even plenty big enough for all your camping gear.
13.  Day Hatch  – Dry day hatch to store whatever you may need quick access to.  This hatch is also waterproof so it could also be a perfect place for cell phones, key and wallets.
14.  Tank Well – Still a decent sized tank well to store that cooler or extra gear in.

Length: 11’3
Width: 31.5 inches (hull) 23 inches (interior standing platform)
Weight: Estimated to come in between 55 and 60lbs.  Actual weight will not be known until the production mold is up and running.
Weight Capacity: Estimated to come in between 350 and 400lbs.  Again, final production model testing will determine the final number.
Price: $999 MSRP for the elite version and $799 MSRP for the standard version.
In stores: Late October or early November.

Short Video on the kayak with Rapid Media (Kayak Angler Magazine).

Photo of the prototype.  Higher resolution and close up photos will be taken of the Coosa when the production models begin rolling off of the assembly line.

Jackson Kayak Coosa desgned by Drew Gregory

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