Drew Launches RiverBassin.com

Drew has worked long and hard with many other valuable individuals to launch RiverBassin.com.  Thanks to Genesis, an internet consulting, design, and development group, the site is looking great and river bassers will most certainly benefit from its features.  Drew wanted to make a site that was about exactly what he is about – targeting bass in rivers.  He also wanted to make a place where users have more control to do whatever they want and truly make it their site.  Whatever they think would help them pursue this great sportfish in this unique setting is what Drew and his staff plan on developing for them.  It’s in its infant stages, but it should be exciting to see it grow over the next few years.  RiverBassin.com is always looking for individuals to spread the site into areas of the country where it needs to be.  If you would like to join the RiverBassin staff and spearhead the movement in your neck of the woods, contact RiverBassin through this form.

The site has many great features already including:

  • Forumsriverbassincom
  • Kids Camps
  • Live Chat
  • Tournament Trail
  • River Descriptions
  • River Bassin’ TV
  • Report River Abuse
  • River Resources
  • Community Events
  • Learning Center
  • Awards
  • Users can submit content!
  • Business Directory (coming soon)