Shallow Water Fishing Expo

Drew just got back from the Shallow Water Fishing Expo in Atlanta (aka: Fly Fishing Festival), where he presented his media laden and entertaining seminar on River Bassin’ 101. Below are some of the pictures of how it went down.


The following is what Drew had to say about the event:

It was great to meet some more really interesting people in the industry.  The guys who all had seminars in my area were great.  Jason Balough, with did a great presentation on the guiding he does in the Honduras among other places and it made me actually want to start throwing the long rod again.  David Cannon also had an awesome presentation on photographing your fishing trips and has a great book coming out for fly fisherman called Fly Fishing Georgia: A Nonsense Guide to Top Waters.  It was great to see Jimbo Meador, one of the pioneers of the sport, do his seminars on fishing out of the Native Watercraft boats.  I also enjoyed Kent Edmunds, with Fly Fishing West GA and Beyond.  He is a very knowledgeable speaker on river striped bass, among other things.