Drew to be a Featured Guest on Discovery Channel/Animal Planet’s OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES

New program teams Gregory with pro wrestler Showtime Eric Young on Sunday, Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. ET


July 31, 2012 – Professional kayak angler pioneer Drew Gregory will be a featured guest on the new Discovery Channel/Animal Planet program OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES. Gregory will appear on the Animal Planet network alongside host Showtime Eric Young on Sunday, Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. ET.


Young, an avid outdoorsman and professional wrestler, is on a mission to learn the methods of America’s fishing masterminds while keeping the adventure going until he catches the ultimate fish. The show pairs Young with Gregory, who teaches him the basics of kayak fishing on a venture down one of the most treacherous and mysterious rivers in the U.S. – Devils River.

Gregory, a river angler at heart, takes Young on a river bassin’ adventure using his signature series river fishing kayak, the Jackson Kayak Coosa.  All anglers, especially kayak anglers, will relate to the learning experience that Young embarks on with the kayak fishing trailblazer. Due to the unpredictable waters, the pro wrestler is forced to learn the ropes quickly or face potentially dangerous consequences.  After an initial adjustment period, Young adapts to the new fishing style with Gregory’s tutelage.  That knowledge, along with fishing out of the Coosa, he soon learns how to properly stand in the boat and catch the elusive river bass.

“The chaos that ensued on our wild adventure will definitely entertain viewers from start to finish; Eric (Young) and I battled the river, its rapids, the fish, each other and even our own mishaps along this crazy kayak fishing camping adventure,” Gregory said.  “In the end, we learned a lot about each other, maybe too much, and definitely have a healthy fear and respect for wild waters such as the Devils.”

About Drew Gregory: Known as “BasserDrew” to many, Gregory is a professional kayak angler and an expert in bass fishing America’s rivers and creeks.  Gregory hails from Atlanta, Ga., and currently resides in Charlotte, N.C.  He has been river fishing since he could handle a rod and reel, but for the past 10 years has been pioneering the sport of kayak fishing in freshwater rivers. Standing up and fishing out of his signature series kayak, The Jackson Kayak Coosa, for smallmouth, largemouth and shoal bass is his passion.  Gregory also helped create two new kayak designs released this year by Jackson Kayak – The Cuda and Big Tuna.  The agile angler has logged more than 750 river kayak fishing trips and is the co-founder of RiverBassin.com.  Visit www.DrewGregory.com for more information.

For more information on OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES, go to http://press.discovery.com/ekits/off-the-hook/