Drew and Jackson Kayak Featured In Kayak Angler Magazine

Drew and Jackson Kayak Featured in Kayak Angler Magazine’s Early Summer 2012 Edition



How the Jackson Coosa went from napkin sketch to reality


“Creative confilct was inevitable, but without the heat, fire and sparks of the forge, nothing new sees the light of day. At first, it was challenging for two minds from different backgrounds to mesh their visions. ‘When somebody has a concept, when it’s their baby, they can see in their mind’s eye what they want. Mind’s eye and reality are two different things,'”….”

“The hardest thing [to get across] is just how critical certain small things can be to anglers,” Gregory says. Things such as stand-up assist strap or a little piece of webbing. Or a drag chain/anchor recess. “I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole drag chain concept. I still have issues with using a drag chain. I had to put the issues aside….”