Coosa visits the River Bassin “Georgia/Bama Slam!”

Two weeks prior I was at’s Tennessee River Bassin Rodeo and now it is the Georgia/Bama slam on the Chattahoochee River!  There were about 20 folks that made it out throughout the weekend and we definitely have to thank the good city of Valley, AL for being such great hosts.  As is the case with most of these get togethers the GA/BAMA slam is about the fellowship, food and fishing – in that order.  Although, everyone caught some nice fish while we were there and of course the fellowship and food is always top notch.  There is nothing like hanging around a camp fire, with folks that have a similar passion, telling and laughing at fishing stories until the early hours of the morning.

The Coosa of course came with me and many kayak anglers there were able to test them out and see what they thought of the new boat.  Again, when they came off the water after their test drive all they would say was, “I’m getting one, when can I buy it and where?”  I referred them to some of the closer dealers in GA and AL, such as The Outside World (Dawsonville, GA and Columbus, GA) and Coosa Outfitters in Gadsden, AL. Some photos of the trip are below.